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Dic 20 2018


Todo el día


The European Union launched, within the 7th R&D Framework Programme, a public-private partnership project for the development of the Future Internet from which FIWARE emerged.
FIWARE is an open-source platform that enables the development and global deployment of applications. It is based on a free public architecture and a set of specifications and standards that allows developers, service providers, companies and other organisations to develop products that meet their needs. Today FIWARE is an element that is part of the ecosystem of intelligent cities, industry 4.0 and agriculture 4.0.
Linked to FIWARE is the network of FIWARE iHubs, non-profit organizations whose mission is to disseminate FIWARE technology through dissemination days, training activities and provision of advisory services to businesses and developers with the aim of creating a community of users. Within La Rioja, thanks to the collaboration between Bosonit and JIG companies, the iHub FIWARE Rioja was created in January 2018, a consortium that has consolidated itself as the only iHub sponsored by the FIWARE Foundation that exists in the north of Spain and whose objective is to attract companies and projects towards the use of open standards integrated in FIWARE.
This session aims to be, on the one hand, an informative day about FIWARE technology and its possibilities of use within the business environment and, on the other, an example of successful business cooperation in the ICT field.

– Juanjo Hierro – CTO and President of the Technical Committee of the FIWARE Foundation
– Representatives of iHub FIWARE Rioja

FIWARE will be presented: how it was created, what it consists of, who forms part of the community and what advantages it provides for the development of intelligent solutions, as well as the iHub FIWARE Rioja: what it is and how the initiative of cooperation between the companies that made its creation possible came about.

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